Our Work

At Enabling City, we believe access to inspiration is important. We creatively respond to today's most pressing issues by harnessing civic creativity as a tool of social transformation. Our flagship publications, signature programs, and consulting work spark new ways of thinking about participation – encouraging experts and enthusiasts alike to generate engaging insights that lead to positive change.



We produce rigorous but imaginative research that uncovers new creative possibilities and turns theory into action.


We work with a diverse range of dedicated changemakers (researchers, creative communities, planners, progressive institutions and social entrepreneurs) to make cities more liveable, inclusive and resilient.


We develop emerging conceptual frameworks and action tools that stimulate public engagement, foster a culture of co-creation and openness, and dynamically re-imagine the 'enabling' potential of cities.


We accelerate the reach of 'place-based creative problem-solving' by sharing promising ideas and initiatives and support networks of community-powered change.


We help individuals and institutions test new ideas, scale impact, and find trusted collaborators who share their passion.


For almost ten years Enabling City has actively helped shape the conversation about social innovation, resilience, and civic engagement. We value active citizenship and love working with communities all over the world to grow the skills necessary to becoming competent agents of change. Do you have an idea for a collaboration or need tailored project support? Send us a message to discuss research, partnership or consulting opportunities. We’d love to be in touch!


You are currently viewing the lite version of our site. We have exciting things in store for 2018 and are preparing for big updates, including a fresh look for this website and a brand new home for our work. Stay tuned for announcements starting late 2019! In the meantime, check out our publications here or follow us on Twitter.